Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby Boy Greeting with Blue Whale die

Hello Papercrafters,

Welcome and Happy Monday, 

Well my girls are officially back to school, they all grumbled a bit because we are back to early mornings but they were happy they would get to see their friends......and now finally I can get back to a normal routine of housework and crafting.   

Since it is the beginning of a new year I always get a bug in January to get everything in the house more organized......I don't know what happens but it doesn't take long for chaos to far I have gotten the junk catching drawer in the dining room cleaned and organized,  I went through my jewelry yesterday and matched up earrings and got that mess cleaned up.....but the most fun so far was the organizing that is going on in my crafty fortress.....for Christmas I received a ribbon rack and a scrapbooking now all my SU ribbon is all nice and neat on the rack and my blocks, adhesives, embellishments, markers and dsp are all neatly organized and I've even stamped out some labels, yeaaaa, I'm loving all this neatness!   

 But oh my I have a lot of crafting stuff and still have so much to do to get it all in day at a time :)  Anyway, enough of that for now :)  I'm trying to be more diligent at posting on a regular basis so my goal is to post daily Monday thru for today I will share a Greeting for a new baby boy,  I used some of the fabulous freebies I received for the book-a-thon, one of the items they included was the whale die, it's so stinkin cute and when I saw it I knew I would have to do a baby boy greeting with it. 

Don't you just love the water droplets coming from his spout and that anchor is so awesome!

Here's the inside

Thanks for stopping by today....tomorrow I will be sharing a baby girl greeting, so be sure to stop by again and see what's new!.....later in the week I will share the details to construct my recipe box.   Have a wonderful day!



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