Monday, January 27, 2014

Hearts side Banner Valentine

Hello Papercrafters, 

Happy Monday to you all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend, I so enjoy time off from the hectic weekday schedules but alas 2 days go by so fast.  I had planned on posting Monday thru Friday last week, although as it turns out  I wasn't able to get anything ready for Friday :(   So I will try to fulfill that goal this week!  

Today I thought I would share another Valentine greeting card I recently created......I've also recently been adding the 'sewing' technique to some of my projects, and I love the look, don't know why I waited so long, lol, there's just so many cool things to try I guess it just takes awhile to get around to trying them all.  

This greeting is really simple, a little stamping, some die cutting, a little sewing and walla, a sweet little Valentine......

I love the simplicity....a lot of the time I make really busy cards, it's nice to switch it up sometimes. 

Over the weekend I did some surfing and learned to make a box card, I will be sharing my box card creations with you soon!   Woo Hoo it's so inspiring to try out something new....

Thanks for stopping by......have a wonderful day!


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